A Night on the Razzle

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Model: E6
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Where this fairy got her jumpsuit I have no idea, but you'll be glad to know that it is thermally insulated to keep her nice and toasty when she's flying about in the chilly sky.

This greetings card is printed on recycled paper, and measures A6 (105mm x 148.5mm). It comes with a recycled envelope.

A good card for a birthday, Mother's Day, a hen party, a performer's first night, and indeed just about anything. I don't think it needs to be for a girl. When I sell at markets I get as many men as women buying fairy designs. Actually I always think it must be a bit dreary being a man, when you see all the lovely coloured things aimed at women, and then one corner of the shop bearing begrudging little items in black or grey, possibly motifed with a solitary-looking golfball, under a sign in plain font that reads 'Men's'. Let men have nice things too, that's what I say. And what could be nicer than a card showing this little imp going out for the night?

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