The Cats Miaow Wedding Invitation

Price: €2.00
Model: WD47s
Availability: 10000
Average Rating: Not Rated

'The Cat's Miaow', like 'the bee's knees' is 1920s slang for 'remarkably good', which, no doubt, is how guests will remember your wedding.

The style of the 1920s is perfect for weddings: on one hand it's romantic, elegant, and beautifully sartorial, and on the other, it suggests cocktails and dancing into the dawn.

Available as invitations in three different sizes or formats; reply-cards; booklet & menu covers; place-cards and thank-you cards.

***Price shown does not include set-up fee of €25. Eg: 100 standard invitations = €225 (100 x €2 + €25)***

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