1. What is the turnaround for wedding stationery orders?
Proofs are emailed within 5 working days and the stationery is delivered 15 working days after the proofs are approved & payment is made.

2. How do I place an order for wedding stationery?
At the moment, you have to email Sheena and request an order-form. This just needs to be filled in and emailed back.

3. What does 'personalisation' mean?
Personalisation is where I take your message and typeset it, or lay it out, so it can be printed on your invitations or other stationery. The fee applies once per wording, eg 100 standard invitations would be €225 (100 x €2 + personalisation fee of €25). I don't print individual guests' names on the invitations or guests' addresses on envelopes. Reply cards do come with your address printed on the envelope.

4. Can I get a sample of wedding stationery?
Yes, samples can be ordered via the website. Click on the 'Buy Sample' button beside the image of the product. Please do not request samples by email. (This makes it a lot easier to keep track of orders coming in).

5. Can I collect the stationery?
Stationery is delivered by courier very quickly and for a very small fee. As I don't have a display shop I don't offer collection as an option.

6. Do you take commissions/Will you draw a particular design for me/ Can I change the colour on the wedding design?
I don't take commissions, sorry. I don't usually draw particular designs - if I think it's a design I can use again, and if my timetable allows, I will try it out - my timetable doesn't usually allow for this, so please don't be offended if I say no. I don't change the colour on existing designs because this usually upsets the overall look of the picture.

7. Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, I sell greetings cards (not the wedding range) wholesale, to shops only, with a minimum order of 70 cards in groups of a minimum of 3 copies of each design. For new customers payment is on delivery. Please email Sheena for more details.

8. Do you do personalised baby announcements / corporate Christmas cards / corporate invitations?
Yes I do! Ring or email for details.

9. Do you take orders from overseas?
We do indeed. Baglady Designs invitations have reached Chile, Turkey and California without hiccups.

10. I've seen a design I like on the Baglady Facebook page but it's not on the website. Can I buy it?
You very probably can. Ring or email and we will let you know if the image is available as a card/print/label, how much it costs and when it can be ready for posting. This puts you under absolutely no obligation to buy.

11. Do you work via wedding agents or wedding organisers?
We don't, sorry, we only take orders directly.

Have you a question we haven't answered? Contact us via the contacts page, and we will be very happy to hear from you.