Paper & Printing

For wedding stationery:

The card stock is 320gsm ivory card with a wove texture. 320gsm (grams per square metre) means it's fairly thick card.
Wove means it is smooth.

The paper stock for the inserts is 120gsm wove ivory paper. The envelopes are 100gsm ivory wove.

All stock has been chosen for its combination of ecological credentials and its quality.

The card, paper, and envelope stock are all 100% post-consumer recycled, and made in the UK.Transport has been arranged so it uses the least amount of fuel. The current card stock has been chosen for a combination of its eco credentials and its quality and weight, which is the maximum weight for our printing process. There is currently no similar paper being made in Ireland, to the best of our knowledge. If you know of one, please contact us!

More information on paper recycling:

Printing is on an Oki digital press, which was made in a carbon-neutral factory. Digital printing saves on paper as traditional presses require a lot of sheets for calibration etc. This does mean that we can't use vegetable inks, but, on the other hand, all cartridges are accepted back by Oki for recycling.